Augmented paintings 

Video projection on paintings. A collaboration with the painter Christèle Lefay.

Cosmic Alliance live AV

A journey into the macrocosmos.
All the visuals are made with real liquids & chemical reactions on a macroscopic level.
A collaboration with IUNI that plays the piano, modular synthetisers and voice. 

Live AV with Machka

Stage design and live visual performance to follow the hypnotic music of Machka. Flute, synthetiser, voice. 

Disturbed stillness


People’s choice record
in Casablanca, Morroco
from 04.08.20 to 15.12.21


During the vernissage, Chaou B played a full vinyl set: a dialogue was created between the records played and the artworks showcased.

︎︎︎ A2 posters displaying video on smartphone using an augmented reality app ︎︎︎

Video report

Texture Organique

Le Croiseur 
in Lyon, France
from 07.10 to 07.12.20

A journey into the vegetal world, questioning our perception of it to sensitize the urgent need to preserve the environment.

The first part of the exhibition shows photographies that are suspended in the air allowing them to breath in a 3D composition.

The second part of the exhibition showcase animated prints with augmented reality tech. Visitors take part in the artworks by scaning the print to see the animation using Artivive app.

Video report

Find more info regarding the vernissage in video description

Recorded live AV