AYA: an immersive and interactive Park in Dubaï

I worked 10 month as Artistic Director for the twelve immersive rooms of the park. Managing a team of 25 visual artists around Europe making 2D motion, 3D motion and  interactive content.
Credit: BK Studio

Voyage Lucide

An hybrid projection technique combining laser & video. Everything is coded in TouchDesigner, so you can control the laser's movement in real time via an iPad.

Art Direction: Théo Brice
Video engineer: Nil Draloscona
Laser engineer: Dorian Nairod

︎︎︎ This project illuminated the castle of Grillemont near Tours for the Friche music festival.

It also illuminated the trees of the Decadance festival near Cannes ︎︎︎

TouchDesigner Experimentation

Napoléon n’est plus

Interactive video instalation for Musée de l’Armée Invalides - Paris

Some details of the most iconic visuals of Napoleon are hand drawn on the wall to figure the blurry memories that remains after the exhibition.
Code and interaction by Nokinomo.
Credit: La Méduse